Axio labs test propionate

Axio Labs Trenaplex A 100

Contains: 100mg Trenbolone acetate


Trenbolone acetate (TRENAPLEX A 100) is the most powerful injectable anabolic steroid used to gain muscles among athletes, this steroid is highly valued for its ability to increase muscle hardness, definition, and raw strength, without unwanted water retention and fat mass gains. In fact Trenbolone acetate is derived from nandrolone. The resulting steroid is significantly more potent as both an anabolic and an androgen than its nandrolone base. An effective dosage for physique or performance-enhancin purposes generally falls in the range of 100-300 mg per week, taken for 6 to 8 weeks.

Another positive effect of deca-durabolin was reported by many bodybuilders who prior using this drug experienced pains in joints but once using it they started to enjoy training with no pain and that is attributed to deca’s ability to store more water in connective tissues.
However there are some moments which must be known by you before you start using nandrolone decanoate , it has a very strong effect on decreasing your sexual drive and it can cause gyno in some individuals. So have Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) on hand in case you feel gyno symptoms.

Axio labs test propionate

axio labs test propionate


axio labs test propionateaxio labs test propionateaxio labs test propionateaxio labs test propionateaxio labs test propionate