Hulk body labs

George Burkhardt   hes a lucky kid cause he can hear all the cool stories about the old golds gym days when u and the crew trained together and hung out, i am so impressed by rics stories that i find myself spending 7 to 8 hrs watching his videos somedays . i really enjoyed the video where he went to the olds golds and showed us where they used to hang out on the beach and also the grassy area where they sun tanned also, u can actually see the emotions in rics eyes as he goes down memory lane visiting these places, thats why i really love rics videos is cause he wears his heart on his sleeve and he keeps everything real and doesnt bullshit us. im so glad i found rics videos cause im the biggest 70,s/ arnold era fanatic around, i honestly dont think anyone loves that era more than me, best tim ever back then.

At one point, Aunt May's health got so bad that she suffered from a heart attack. Peter heard the news while he and the Human Torch were fighting the Green Goblin, and he was forced to flee in order to get to her quickly. However, this only convinced the public at-large that Spidey was a coward who had fled from a battle. [55] Die-hard Spider-Man fans like Flash Thompson continued to support him, while J. Jonah Jameson ran editions in the Bugle claiming that he himself scared Spider-Man off. While looking after Aunt May, Spider-Man was forced to escape yet again from the Sandman in order to get home quickly. When he learned that his aunt's health had improved, he vowed to prove the world wrong about him. [56] Meanwhile, a worried Torch tried to look for Spidey, but only managed to get captured by the Sandman. Spider-Man rescued him and defeated his enemy, wiping the smirk off of Jameson's face and getting the world to appreciate him again. [57]

Banner went to Astra Island with his new experimental Absorbatron device. The island was attacked by Leader's Humanoids, but Hulk defeated them. [50] The battle ended with Banner being captured by Communist agents. Banner refused to work for the Communists and the Hulk freed himself and the other captured scientists. [51] Thanks to the sacrifice of one of these scientists Hulk was able to fight his way out of Russia and ended up in Mongolia . [52] There Banner was picked up by thief Kanga Kahn who attempted to hold Banner for ransom for safe return to America. Glenn Talbot, believing him to be a traitor, was sent to retrieve Banner [53] but Hulk left Talbot behind and returned to the . where Banner was arrested.

Hulk body labs

hulk body labs


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