Rexobol (winstrol-stanozolol)

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I have been using this stuff for so long with excellent results.
What can I say about rexobol...only the best. Good stuff as all alpha-pharma products I have benn running. Stanozolol has always been for me a must either for bulking or for cutting cycles. My personal experience is that the same dose of the oral form is stronger and more effective than the injectable form. A tab of 50 mg a day is the optimal. A study explained very well the reason why. It reported that all 17 alpha-alkylated anabolic-androgenic steroids decrease Sex Hormone Binding Globulin levels (SHBG).SHBG bind to anabolic steroids such as testosterone and lower the amount available in the blood stream. Winstrol tablets reduce the levels of SHBG and possible increase the availability of any companion testosterone stacked with it. So if you swallow 50 mg stanozolol every day you will lower your shgb more than 50% of the equivalent iniectable form. In this case you will double your free testosterone availability in blood circulation. The more free testosterone you have the more anabolic effects will be produced. That is what all of us yearns.
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Rexobol (winstrol-stanozolol)

rexobol (winstrol-stanozolol)


rexobol (winstrol-stanozolol)rexobol (winstrol-stanozolol)rexobol (winstrol-stanozolol)rexobol (winstrol-stanozolol)rexobol (winstrol-stanozolol)