The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics sparked one of the greatest sprinting rivalries of all time between Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson and American sprinter Carl Lewis.  The American sprinter would eventually go on to win Gold in the 100 meter. After the 1984 games, the lead up to the 1988 Summer Olympics belonged to the Canadian Ben Johnson. Johnson confirmed his status as the number one sprinter in the world by beating Lewis and smashing the world record at a time of seconds at the World Championships of 1987. In the Seoul 100 meter dash Ben Johnson clocked an incredible time of seconds and beating his rival Carl Lewis to win gold. The success of Johnson was short; Ben Johnson was only king of the sprinting world for 3 days before drug testing results showed that he had tested positive for Stanzolol. Johnson’s main defense for cheating was that other competitors were cheating as well and that he was just trying to maintain pace with his competitors. This was a claim that gathered weight with the release of the Exum Report, which accused Carl Lewis of taking performance enhancing drugs. The Ben Johnson scandal is widely considered to be the biggest doping scandal in the history of the Olympics.

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