Test p only cycle

I recently acquired my second 1911, a COLT series 80 1991A1 (manu 1995) w the large roll mark on the left side. This sidearm is very clean and appears to have been shot very little. Having minimal experience and a sample set of one 1911 in which I have any serious #s of rounds downrage with, I do not have much experience in setting up or fitting parts. My question is this. After having completed the extractor test of 16 rounds my results were as follows: 8 rounds fired with both hands all 8 hulls were ejected to roughly 3-5 o’clock to my right side. 7 out of 8 rounds fired one handed flipped straight up into the air over shooters head headed in the 6 o’clock direction. The extractor will hold a loaded round snug against breechface in any orientation. Do I need to replace the OEM extractor or tension it a bit more???

The P-38 seems to have multiple personalities. The standard bike works well for many uses. With the Lightning Seat Bag and Fenders it’s ready for all-weather commuting or recreational riding. Add a standard rear rack and Lightning’s special no-drag panniers, and you have the ultimate in touring comfort and performance. The Performance Wheel and Velocity 2×9 versions are ready with no additions for fast club rides and centuries. Equipped with wheel covers and the optional F-40 fairing, it becomes the world’s fastest road bike, ready to contend for the lead in any event.

I have fibroids & prefer to deal w them naturally. Gyno spec in fibroids; is largely supportive if a bit inattentive of my symptoms. I’ve been bleeding every 2 wks off/on for 2 weeks. I’ll have a period — for 2 wks– then be off for 2 wks before it starts all over, after I made the big mistake of letting a former gyno put me on reclipsen to try & shrink my fibroids last summer. Worst bc ever, symptoms were awful. After 2-3 mos went off cold turkey, couldn’t take it; but periods stayed, & in this awful state since. Refused hormone therapy for a while after; recently let dr add bc & progesterone. Last period lasted 3 wks, now spotting add 2 wks! idk what to do 🙁 also +DIM, Vitex, Silymarin

Test p only cycle

test p only cycle


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