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That’s not what you get when you use Dr. Shoemaker’s method to find out about mold. You get very close to a sure thing. You’ll know with near certainty if you’re being made sick by mold toxins and have a protocol that has a damn good chance of making real headway in getting you better. So maybe you do have dental infections, Lyme and a couple of co-infections, heavy metal poisoning, parasites, and so on. Maybe you’re taking enough Mepron to revive the dead, have done over forty 1-hour HBOT sessions, FIR saunas until you looked like a shriveled grape, and some really far out treatments that puts you firmly in the top 5% of the most die-hard alternative medicine folks right along side with me. However, take it from someone that’s treated the gamut of chronic illness suspects with a total commitment that only someone driven by extreme, unrelenting inflammatory based borderline psychosis and anxiety can know, go after the mold first. I’ll say it again. It’s pretty easy to figure out if mold is a problem for you, and if it is, then there are very real steps you can take that will make you feel a whole lot better.

Some peo­ple require huge ini­tial doses of D3 to get them into the game (50,000–100,000 IU ). I find that for most adults who have never sup­ple­mented, though, 10,000 IU /day for a month fol­lowed by 5,000 IU /day there­after gets them opti­mised with­out undue delay. If in doubt, you sim­ply won’t know where you stand with­out test­ing and mon­i­tor­ing your level. Remem­ber also that you weren’t designed to take vit­a­min D orally, so you won’t get all of the ben­e­fits asso­ci­ated with nor­mal sun expo­sure, which is by far the most safe and effi­cient method of vit­a­min D pro­duc­tion when done rea­son­ably :

Given that Revolution Test targets other aspects of overall health that a lot of other testosterone boosters brush to the side, I’d say this formula is on a class of its own. That being said and considering the weak testosterone spikes this formula gives, it might be best to stack this with a more powerful testosterone booster . FinaFlex suggests Revolution Test Stack which is basically Revolution Test and Pure Test. This looks like a good pairing considering that Revolution Test has a low dosed DAA while Pure Test is powered by a heavy 3 g.

Test prop best dosage

test prop best dosage


test prop best dosagetest prop best dosagetest prop best dosagetest prop best dosagetest prop best dosage