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I stand corrected, Heather! To me, it looked like one of those new-fangled digital thermometers that I don’t like, as I’ve wasted money on them and they don’t register my temp! I was taught to do basal temp testing on an old fashioned thermometer & didn’t realize there was a difference in different new ones! I’m guessing I’d find one of those online, eh, as my local drug stores are not great. Thanks for clearing that up for me. BTW, this morning I enjoyed reading your article on 15 things to do for my adrenal issues. THANKS AGAIN.

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I can trace back every negative world situation to the feckless Carter administration. When bathhouse Barry took over I knew we in for it again, as his policies were exactly the same as the failed policies of Carter. So, I put BB’s failures on Carter’s ledger.
Carter put in Khomeini because he was a man of god and therefore perfect in every way in the eyes of that low life born again asshole Carter. I add that he was born again because you would have to be born at least twice to be that much of a worthless scum bag.
Next time I’ll try not to sugar coat it so much.

Test prop high dose

test prop high dose


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