Test prop making me tired

Less can Be More
High potency can often be equated with potential toxicity. If you think about it, we have evolved over millenia as a species eating simple foods with relatively small amounts of nutrients per serving. We aren’t equipped to process highly potent chemicals every day, even if they are essential vitamins and minerals. Ideally you want to aim for getting the most results from the least amount of supplement, because the less energy you expend on digesting and processing a nutrient, the more energy you can spend on repair and regeneration. Research has shown that in cultures with a low incidence of osteoporosis, people typically consume about 300 mg of calcium daily from vegetables.

Not very appealing, actually. I prefer something with more wing area for low-speed flying. I attempt what I call a loitering turn, the kind of thing an RAF flying student might do at low level over his girlfriend’s house to say, “I got the 24-hour pass!” This manoeuvre is a traditional killer in the wrong hands or the wrong aeroplane. I think we can include the Bulldog in the latter category − it’s no aeroplane for low-level spotting. It is quite happy making steep turns but you need to keep the speed up and you can’t see much at speed.

Test prop making me tired

test prop making me tired


test prop making me tiredtest prop making me tiredtest prop making me tiredtest prop making me tiredtest prop making me tired