Trent 1000 horsepower

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The only STOVL technology for fighter jets in production anywhere in the world, LiftSystem comprises of four key elements: the LiftFan, driveshaft and clutch, a 3-bearing swivel module and roll posts. With a combined STOVL capability of 40,000 lb of thrust, 29,000 horsepower is delivered to the LiftFan via the driveshaft and clutch. That’s enough to raise ten elephants to the top of the Empire State Building in just 7 seconds. And thanks to the use of the latest in fan system technology, this is achieved with minimal impact on total airframe weight.

Now, it's clear that you are safe in terms of FAR compliance. An AC, by definition is only advisory material, and the regulations make it clear that you have to be in compliance with manufacturers' instructions for continued airworthiness. However, in speaking recently with an industry contact and "expert witness," more than one technician has been taken to task for defying the instructions in AC -1A. And it doesn't matter that the manufacturers allow it. The fact that the FAA tells you to reject a cylinder below 60/80 in black and white means that you may one day be defending yourself against this statement in court. The following reference from -1B has been used more than once in a law suit.

Trent 1000 horsepower

trent 1000 horsepower


trent 1000 horsepowertrent 1000 horsepowertrent 1000 horsepowertrent 1000 horsepowertrent 1000 horsepower