What to stack with tren

Mark Zuckerberg likes to cite a study by Facebook from 2015 that showed 23 percent of users’ friends are of the opposite political affiliation, while almost 29 percent of stories in the News Feed display views that disagree with a user’s ideology. But having 70%+ of your feed stoking your existing beliefs can still be problematic. In Zuckerberg’s humanitarian manifesto , he wrote that one solution was “to show a range of perspectives, let people see where their views are on a spectrum and come to a conclusion on what they think is right.”

[…] Shotcut-ul stack-ului astfel creat il veti gasi pe desktop(dand click pe butonul nr. 5 din imagine), acesta poate fi pus si in taskbar. Elementele afisate in cadrul “stack-ului” apar pe monitor atunci cand dati click pe shortcut si dispar atunci cand dati click oriunde in alta parte pe monitor! Deasemeni viteza de afisare precum si alte optimizari pentru a adapta functionalitatea programului la propriile cerinte pot fi efectuate “jucandu-va” cu celelalte optiuni din cadrul ferestrei Settings. pentru alte screenshot-uri vizitati pagina programului: Standalone Stack 2. […]

What to stack with tren

what to stack with tren


what to stack with trenwhat to stack with trenwhat to stack with trenwhat to stack with trenwhat to stack with tren