Winston churchill

With the Hussars, Churchill arrived in Bombay , British India , in October 1896. [51] They were soon transferred to Bangalore , where he shared a bungalow with Barnes. [52] Describing India as a "godless land of snobs and bores", [53] Churchill remained posted there for 19 months, during the course of which he made three visits to Calcutta , expeditions to Hyderabad and the North West Frontier , and two visits back to Britain. [54] Believing himself poorly educated, he began a project of self-education, [55] reading the work of Plato , Adam Smith , Charles Darwin , and Henry Hallam . [56] Most influential for him were however Edward Gibbon 's The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire , Winwood Reade 's The Martyrdom of Man , and the writings of Thomas Babington Macaulay . [57]

When President Eisenhower was elected in 1952, Churchill made haste in arranging a meeting with the new leader in hopes of establishing a stronger relationship with the United States. This would prove to be nearly impossible, due to Churchill's age. He was beginning to show losses of faculty, and allegedly refused to wear his hearing aid while in meetings, causing the conversations to be carried on at a screaming volume. Eisenhower remarked in his diary how Churchill seemed set in his ways, and that Churchill seemed to think that the world's problems could be solved merely by the close cooperation of Britain and the United States.

Winston churchill

winston churchill


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