Winstrol user reviews

I so wanted the hard vascular look and have worked really hard to achieve it but have been disappointed with my progress so I knew I needed some sort of “boost” but hopefully without resorting to steroids. Trenorol was recommended to me and I was especially interested in this over other products because one of its specific focuses is on enhancing vascularity – just what I needed! I started seeing improvements in a couple of weeks, surprised at how fast it was working. At this rate I’m going to be so ripped in the coming weeks and months ahead, and I can’t wait!

Took Winstrol 50 mg along side a test only cycle. I couldn’t take a whole one , as I got some sides such as headache and higher bp. Splitting the tab did the trick! Took half a tab pre workout and the other half 8 hours later. Always felt the forearm pump within an hour of dosing. Ran them for 6 weeks, in which i leaned out and had some insane workouts. This was my first time trying winstrol, so i can’t compare it to any other labs, but I seem to like anavar a little more, just in general. Winny seems to hit harder and faster, while var is more subtle. Will def venture back out to winny when I am ready!

It is important to know what some of the most common side effects of Winstrol are, one of them is liver toxicity being an issue. Especially if you are taking to oral form because the pill has to be chemically altered to be able to pass through your liver and into your bloodstream without being destroyed upon ingestion. This makes to tablet hepatotoxic and has the potential to cause a lot of damage to your liver if you abuse this steroid. Although liver toxicity is one of the more rare cases when it comes to the side effects due to the fact that you would have to be taking quite a lot of Winstrol tablets to get the dose high enough to where it starts to become a serious problem.

Winstrol user reviews

winstrol user reviews


winstrol user reviewswinstrol user reviewswinstrol user reviewswinstrol user reviewswinstrol user reviews